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Woodwind orchestra - Bassoon 1/2 [sound combinations]

General information about sound combinations with the bassoon

The bassoon is more suitable than any other wind instrument for merging with almost all orchestral instruments.

General information about the unison combinations with the bassoon

The sound fusion of the bassoon through the unison combinations with the string instruments is particularly homogeneous.

Of the woodwinds, the bass clarinet comes into consideration for a unison combination with the bassoon in the lower registers. But also the clarinets in the middle register and the Cor anglais. And in the higher register the flutes and the oboes in their lower registers. Among the brass instruments, the horn is suitable for a unison combination with the bassoon.

As part of the „symphonic world music“

Using such combinations in unison means strengthening the string sound. In addition, he gains in abundance. Above all, the combination of the bassoon sound with the deep string instruments and especially the cellos.

Their sound becomes fuller and more sonorous with the resonant and harsh power of the string sound. These combinations are most effective in the low and middle register of the bassoon.

„The execution of the fundamental bass is one of the many tasks of the bassoon. And should be done in unison with the low strings.“

In addition, the effect of the string pizzicato can increase. Provided the bassoon plays staccato. This creates an oscillating sound. Especially in the low and middle register.

Example of unison combination

[ Bassoon - Cello - Double bass ]

In this example you will find the unison combination between the bassoon and the low strings cellos and double basses. Are responsible for the execution of the fundamental bass. In addition, a sound is generated that represents a special resonant effect. Achieved by legato-playing bassoons and pizzicato-playing strings.

Downloads for the [ unison combinations: Bassoon - Cello - Double bass ]

Music by Peter Tchaikovsky
Sound file for the score
 „Romeo and Juliet“ 
Download-size: 324 Kilobytes
PDF file for the score
 „Romeo and Juliet“ 
Download–size: 57.1 Kilobytes

Note on the score with an example of the [unison combinations]

A graphic with an extract from the score follows. Excerpt from "Romeo and Juliet". Composition by Peter Tchaikovsky. An example of the [unison combinations] the bassoon with the cello and the double bass. The graphic can also be enlarged. It is Link-Sensitive [Clickable].

2/2. Example of the chord combinations with the bassoon