Index of the website of Philipp Dangas

Index (or register) of the website

This index (or register) is the linear arrangement of designations or terms (such as instrument names or composers, etc.) and references to (text) passages in which these terms are used or explained. So, an alphabetical list with the most important terms and designations of my website, which are thematically related to each other.

In addition, great importance was attached to the formal indexing, and the indexing of the content was also taken into account. Significantly higher demands are placed on those who carry them out. However, this index is intended to give the visitor the opportunity to find information quickly. References to strict and partial synonyms of terms are also used to make the search even easier. Finally, synonymy occurs between linguistic signs of different types. 1.Example: "Mysterious" bell sound: see -->> Sound pictorial representation. 2.Example: xte repetition: see -->> Bow tremolo. 3.Example: Forte > Piano-Chords see -->> Decrease, increase and decrease the volume again. 4.Example: Yamakasi see -->> Freedom or Death. The importance of this index for my web presence The index of my web presence serves to open up the website to the visitor quickly. Just a data structure to quickly find information on my website. It is also an attempt to make the index "Thesaurus" similar. In order to be able to better illustrate the topic "Instrumentation for symphonic world music". First and foremost, generic and subordinate terms as well as synonyms are used. Philipp Dangas: An index without a website was sometimes useful to me, but a website without an index never.