String orchestra - Double bass 1/4 - Philipp Dangas

String orchestra - Double bass 1/4 [Sound combinations]

General information about the double bass unison combinations

The tonal conditions for a combination of the string instruments with the orchestral instruments are dealt with on this website. Sound conditions of the combination of strings in the orchestra. They also apply analogously to this instrument, with special consideration of the lower range of sound.

The woodwind instruments with the double bass

The sound of the strings becomes denser, stronger and the sound of the woodwinds softer. The following applies to the octave and chord combination: that the sound of the individual woodwinds is particularly effective compared to the string group. The decisive factors are voice pitch, voice leading and Dynamics.

The brass instruments with the double bass

The following applies to the sound effect with the brass section: The unison combination does not produce a good effect, especially with the trumpets and trombones. The sound effect is particularly good with the horns and the cellos. Good effects can be achieved when: the unison of the strings with the brass is supported by another unison with one or more woodwinds.

Other combination partners from the double bass

Good effects can often be achieved with percussion and plucked instruments (e.g. timpani, snare drum, bass drum, harp, respectively) if certain types of strokes are used.

2/4.Example of the sound combinations with the double bass