String orchestra - Violin 1/3 - Philipp Dangas

String orchestra - Violin 1/3 [Unison combinations]

General information about the unison combinations

The unison with the violas gives a rich and mellow sound, although the violin sound dominates, so the overall effect is just an intensity of the sound.

Since Ludwig van Beethoven, the cello has often been used as a melody instrument in the tenor range. At the beginning of his 3rd symphony as an example or in the 2nd movement of his 5th symphony. In this case he has the cellos, in unison with the violas, perform the first theme. And has contributed to the emancipation of the cello in the orchestra.

The unison combination with the cellos results in a full and rich overall sound effect, with the sonorous sound of the cellos dominating even when the full violin section is used.

Sound combinations of the violin in the context of „symphonic world music“

If the greatest sonority and power of sound is to be achieved. This is possible through the unison of the violins with the violas and the cellos. Especially when the violins and violas use the G string. Because in this case the cellos are played in their powerful middle register.

2/3.Example of sound combinations with the violin