Instrumentation for symphonic world music Philipp Dangas

The idea of »symphonic world music«

The idea of ​​"symphonic world music" and its translation into reality is several years "old", as is the desire to realize this website Making my thoughts visible in the context of »symphonic world music« through this website was and is a double-edged knife.

Because its content can be admired, criticized or even taken as a model, but it no longer reveals anything about the history of its origins and its difficulties. This is particularly important to me in order to credibly show ways to successful instrumentation. Above all, however, to develop a sense and competence for the instrumentation of “symphonic world music”. But this website does not announce how the perfect instrumentation "works". I don't know that in the abstract, either.

But what I'm presenting here offers the instrumentation possible handling and points of attack. It demonstrates which and how many aspects it can use. Because theory is just the knowledge that enables us to explain how everything can work. The practice, on the other hand, is when everything works, and you don't know why.

So the point of my comments is not to analyze musical works exhaustively or to make rules for the visitor. They just want to show the great variety of instrumental possibilities. They should definitely be read after you have dealt with the musical work yourself.

Finally, I would like to make a recommendation. Explore this website and let yourself be inspired, animated or even influenced by the possibilities mentioned. With this in mind, I wish you a lot of fun and success on your journey of discovery through my website.

PS. I dedicate this website to my teachers, the sensitive people, the imaginative artists and the friends of the future-oriented world music.

Quote on symphonic music

The structure-forming power of symphonic music permeates not only the melodies and harmonies of world music, but the entire musical framework.

It gives it a previously unimagined conciseness and with its help world music is shaped with a future .

Because only if the music is constantly “moving” or changing can it be kept “upright”.Philipp Dangas