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Historical development of the Bass drum

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Like the timpani, the drum instruments are among the oldest instruments. Their origin can be traced back to the Stone Age. Even in early antiquity, drums of all kinds can be found among most peoples, e.g. among the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Hebrews, Arabs, most exotic peoples, etc. They mostly served cult purposes and were beaten by women.

It is often not possible to make an exact distinction between the real drums, which only serve as rhythm instruments, without a specific pitch, and the one specific tone of the timpani. From an ethnological point of view, the main distinguishing feature is the method of attaching the skin. In orchestral music, the bass drum stands vertically, diagonally or horizontally on a stand.

A great and somewhat lively sound example of the bass drum sound
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Use of the bass drum in music
Music composer's Work Style of music
Carl Orff Antigonae stage works
Giacomo Puccini Turandot Opera
Giuseppe Verdi Aida Opera
Richard Strauss A Hero's Life Opera
Dimitrij Schostakowitsch 9th Symphony in E flat major opus 70 Orchestra