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col legno battuto

Description and application of the playing technique col legno battuto

Col legno (i.e. with the wood of the bow) = the strings are struck with a bow stick or set in vibration. By striking (battuto) or painting (tratto). The struck col legno is fundamentally comparable to the vibrational excitation of the pizzicato.

But the development of sound with the pizzicato is not associated with any significant mechanical background noise. But in the case of the col legno, it stands out considerably and thus becomes a characteristic of this type of sound production. However, the pitch remains recognizable.

The dynamic effect of the struck col legno is much less than that of the pizzicato and also that of the normal bowed tone. It is therefore particularly suitable for mysterious, bizarre, crackling effects, and above all for effects of a rhythmic nature.

The bow [string instruments]
Designations of the parts of an bow
Name Description
Stick Long wooden stick
Hair Covering of the pole
Winding Wire winding
Eye Decoration made of mother-of-pearl
Frog Holding the hairs
Screw Twist grip
The violin parts

col legno battuto as part of the „symphonic world music“

Battuto offers the percussive use of the col legno. That is, using a "melodic" instrument. such as B. a violin, in percussive function. Even col legno battuto, literally. A rhythmic formula that can always form the “backbone” of a composition.

Key data on the special type of play col legno battuto

Italian: col legno battuto
Deutsch: mit dem Holz geschlagen
The back of the bow strikes the strings.
Short, dry, percussive sounding with indistinct pitches.
Prescribed by indication above the system.

Downloads for the col legno battuto - score by Gustav Mahler

Sound file for the score
"1st Symphony 3rd movement" Download-size: 260 Kilobytes
PDF file for the score
"1st Symphony 3rd movement"
Download–size: 102 Kilobytes

Note on the score with an example on the col legno battuto

Two graphics with a score excerpt follow. Excerpt from the “1st Symphony 3rd movement". Composition by Gustav Mahler. An example of the col legno battuto. The graphics can also be enlarged. They are Link-Sensitive [Clickable].

For example 2/2 col legno