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Notation and sound generation of the Cor anglais

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Sheet music for the pitch range of the Cor anglais

Despite its special name, the English horn is an oboe in F (the alto instrument of the oboe family). Its pitch scale, like that of the oboe d'amore, is notated in accordance with the oboe scale, so that the "finger writing" is a fifth above the actual sound.

The same applies to the production of the basic scale as to the overblown tones as to the normal oboe. with the peculiarity that the actual sound of the notes from the English horn is a fifth lower than that of the oboe. The full English horn scale covers the range from b [small octave] to e3 (notation), i.e. from e [small octave] to a2 (sound).

The English horn is a transposing double-reed instrument. When using the key signature in modern notation, every sharp key is increased by a #, every B flat key decreased by a flat.

Audio example of the sound of the English horn [music by Richard Wagner]
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The playing techniques and playing effects on the Cor anglais
Name of the playing technique or effect suitable not suitable
Vibrato ×
Trill ×
Tremolo ×
Glissando ×
Flutter tongue ×