Sound character of the Cor anglais - Philipp Dangas

Cor anglais register table

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Sheet music for the register table of the Cor anglais

The spherical bell gives the Cor anglais a Sound character that is not insignificantly different from that of the oboe. This bell contributes significantly to the darkening of the overall sound. It is particularly evident in the lower registers. The larger dimensions of the Cor anglais also give the tones greater substance and power. The Cor anglais has the ability to produce plaintive and melancholic sounds.

As part of the „ymphonic world music“

The Cor anglais has the task of creating contrast in order to be able to perceive features in sound or form differently.

Great and somewhat expressive-sounding sample of the Cor anglais [Music composer: Richard Wagner]
Download size: 153 kilobytes
The registers and timbres of the Cor anglais register
Register Sound character Pitch range (from – to)
Highest register Little effective, harsh and penetrating in the forte. e 3 [three octave]–
as 2 [two octave]
Middle register Strong and soft, suitable for Cor anglais solos. g 2 [Second octave]–
e 1 [eingestrichene Oktave]
Lowest register Slightly hollow, but expressive, almost horn-like. es 1 [Middle octave]–
h [Minor octave]

Dynamic effect of the Cor anglais

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Sheet music for the dynamic table of Cor anglais

In order to be able to show the degrees of strength of musical dynamics, a dynamic table follows. In addition to the sound pressure scale measured in decibels [dB], the degrees of strength of musical dynamics are given on the left, which can be understood as "objective" degrees.

The corresponding diagram is drawn to the right of the dB scale. It shows the estimated dynamic effect over the entire tonal range of the instrument. The dynamic effect (volume) as judged (perceived) by the listener.

In addition, an example follows: The dynamic range of the trumpet is in the low register, between pianissimo [pp] 46 decibels [dB] and fortissimo [ff] 82 decibels [dB] = 36 decibels [dB]. In the high register, the range is 8 decibels [dB]. The estimated values can deviate more or less from the "objective" ones.

The instruments differ in this respect. The mentioned "objective" levels of intensity piano pianissimo [ppp]= 40 decibels [dB], p=60 decibels [dB] etc. enable the composer to predict the dynamic effects of different instruments that are sounding simultaneously.

The achievable dynamic range of the Cor anglais - 15-20 dB [decibels]
Degree of intensity High position Low position
Fortissimo [ ff ] 88 80
Pianissimo [ pp ] 68 65