String orchestra - Cello 1/4 - Philipp Dangas

String orchestra - Cello 1/4 [Sound combinations]

General information about sound combinations with the cello

The following link describes the tonal requirements for a combination of the string instruments with the other orchestral instruments. They also apply to the cello. With special consideration of the deeper sound range as well as the greater sound substance and sound power of the cello.

The woodwind instruments with the cello

The following applies to the unison combination: the sound of the strings becomes fuller and stronger and the woodwind becomes softer. The following applies to the octave and chord combination: the sound of the individual woodwinds comes into its own in comparison to the string group (the decisive factors are voice pitch, voice leading and dynamics ).

Other combination partners from the cello

Partially good effects can be achieved with percussion and plucked instruments (e.g. timpani, snare drum, bass drum, harp, respectively) if certain types of strokes are used.

The cello as part of the “symphonic world music”

Sound combinations of the string instruments form the basis for creating a “dark” sound character. Especially the cellos, and the violas, in combination with the woodwinds (first), the brass (second) and the plucked strings. They can form the framework of the tonal character of the orchestra.

2/4.Example of sound combinations with the Cello