String Orchestra - Cello 2/4 - Philipp Dangas

String Orchestra - Cello 2/4 [Unison Combinations]

General information about the unison combinations with the cello

The cello can be used effectively with the string instruments in unison. Because of the cello's pitch scale, which characterizes a wide range. And the location in the middle range of the orchestral scale. The possibilities of combining the violin and cello in unison were discussed. The same applies to the unison between the cello and the violas.

For the unison combination with the cello and violins, the cello's A string should be used. This combination is enhanced by the cello sound. The tonal conditions only change when the D string is used by the cello. When the string is struck hard, its sound dominates over that of the violin.

The harsh and dark sound of the viola C-string comes very close to the sound of the cello's 2nd string. The beginning range of the cello's A-string also coincides with the range of the two weak-sounding middle strings of the viola.

The cello as part of the „symphonic world music“

Greatest sonority and sonority can be achieved. This is possible through the unison of the violins with the violas and the cellos. Especially when the violins and violas use the G string. The cellos are played in their powerful middle register.

1/4.Example of sound combinations with the Cello 3/4.Example of sound combinations with the Cello