Woodwind orchestra - Cor anglais 2/2 - Philipp Dangas

Cor anglais 2/2 [General information about the sound combinations]

General information about the octave combinations with the Cor anglais

What was said about the oboe also applies here. Restrictions due to the lower voice range of the Cor anglais must be observed. The somber-sounding octave combination of the Cor anglais with the bass clarinet in the lower octave has z. B. Richard Wagner used in the second act of his opera "Lohengrin".

General information about chord combinations

Here, too, there are many possibilities. First of all the combinations with other oboe instruments should be mentioned. In these combinations we also find the Cor anglais as a middle voice in an oboe chord.

In addition, the bass can be performed by the unison of two or three flutes (in their low register). Commonly, the resonant, full sound of the low Cor anglais register is used as the lower voice. The upper voice is assigned to the higher woodwind instruments.

Example of the chord combinations with the Cor anglais

The introduction of the cor anglais as the middle part and the bass part of the flute requires the doubling of the flute part. The following example makes such a chord combination between the Cor anglais and the flute clear.

Downloads for the [Chord Combinations: Cor anglais - Flute - Oboe - Clarinet]

Music by Richard Wagner
Sound file for the score „Lohengrin“ Download-size: 288 Kilobytes
PDF file for the score  „Lohengrin“ 
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Note on the score with an example on the [chord combinations]

A graphic with an extract from the score follows. Excerpt from "Lohengrin". Composition by Richard Wagner. An example of the Cor anglais, flute, oboe and clarinet. The graphic can also be enlarged. It is Link-Sensitive [Clickable].

1/2.Example of the unison combinations with the Cor anglais