Horn 2/2 - Brass orchestra - Philipp Dangas

Horn 2/2 - Brass orchestra [chord combinations]

General information about chord combinations with the horn

In the orchestral composition, the formation of an independent horn chord is possible. The use of 4 horns in the symphonic movement forms the basis.

The horn is related in sound to both woodwind instruments and brass instruments. An exception is the oboe. This makes it possible for the horn to take on a "mediating" role. In the chord combinations with the horn, the most diverse sound mixtures result.

Sound structure from the point of view of the instrumentation

Illustration for determining the timbres within a chord can be enlarged. It is Link-Sensitive [Clickable].

The chord combination between the horn and the bassoon is also very effective. They can be layered or crossed.

An effective sound result is achieved through the chord combination between the horn and the clarinets. But one should always double the woodwinds, especially in the forte. Otherwise the horn sound dominates.

With all sound combinations, the volume possibilities of the instruments should be taken into account. And the required dynamic adjustment is inevitable. Also in the chord combination between the horn and the trumpet or trombone. Only when using the damper is the timbre difference almost eliminated. The dynamic is about the same.

The horn as part of the „symphonic world music“

That means the possibility to connect heterogeneous instrument groups. With the horn as mediator. And use the numerous possibilities of the orchestra apparatus.

Example of chord combination [ Horn - Trombone - Bass tuba ]

With chord combinations between horns and trumpets or trombones, the difference in timbre becomes clear. Nevertheless, a homogeneous overall sound can be achieved. Important voices should be overlaid with unison blending. It is demonstrated in the following example.

Downloads for the [ Chord combinations: Horn - Trombone - Bass tuba ]

Music by Richard Strauss
Sound file for the score „An Alpine Symphony“ 
Download-size: 567 Kilobytes
PDF file for the score „An Alpine Symphony“ 
Download–size: 80.9 Kilobytes

Note on the score with an example on the [chord combinations]

A graphic with an extract from the score follows. Excerpt from "An Alpine Symphony". Composition by Richard Strauss. An example on the [chord combinations] the horn, trombone and bass tuba. The graphic can also be enlarged. It is Link-Sensitive [Clickable].

1/2.Example of the unison combinations with the horn