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String orchestra - Viola 2/4 [Unison combinations]

General information about the unison combinations viola/string orchestra

Note the tonal relationship between the viola and the cello. In a unison combination, the cello dominates in every scale position as the stronger one. The addition of the viola has an influence on the strength of the sound, the timbre and the volume of the sound.

If the sound of the middle strings of the viola is combined with the higher registers of the cello, the cello sound loses its noticeable brightness and penetrating power in favor of a soft and full overall effect.

The viola and unison combinations in the context of „symphonic world music“

Power and sonority can be achieved through the unison of the violins with the violas and the cellos. Especially when the violins and violas use the G string. Because the cellos are played in their powerful middle register.

Example of the unison combinations viola/string orchestra

The most sonorous combination results when the violas are joined in their low register and the cellos in their middle register. The best-known example of this is the 2nd movement of Ludwig van Beethoven's 5th symphony.

Downloads for the chord combinations: Viola-Cello

Music by Ludwig van Beethoven
Sound file for the score
"5th Symphony 2nd movement"
Download-size: 280 Kilobytes
PDF file for the score
"5th Symphony 2nd movement"
Download–size: 70.4 Kilobytes

Note on the score with an example of the [unison combinations]

Two graphics with a score excerpt follow. Excerpt from the "5th Symphony, 2nd Movement". Composition by Ludwig van Beethoven. An example of the [unison combinations] of the viola with the cello. The graphics can also be enlarged. They are Link-Sensitive [Clickable].

1/4.Example of sound combinations with the viola 3/4.Example of sound combinations with the viola