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tonal emphasis - Harmonics

„Form building harmony and instrumentation“ [ 2/4 ]

As soon as an element such as For example, a chord that requires another chord creates a time-ordered sequence. So a certain process and thus musical form.

Accordingly, harmonics can “create form”. Both for the togetherness or separation as well as for the closedness or openness of motives and bar groups. Of course, also for the construction of topics for parts of sentences, among themselves or for themselves. It also generates for planning sentences to relationships within a sequence.

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General information about tonal emphasis

Emphasizing tones and tone sequences and chord connections emphasizes them. Can be of essential importance for the deep understanding of a certain passage.

The sound emphasis is always consistent. Both visibly implemented in the score and musically audible. And only then is the meaningful interpretation and experience of what is perceived possible.

Tonal emphasis in the context of „symphonic world music“

The ability to sharpen the sound means to accentuate or disguise it. Using the instrumentation, create dissonant fortisimo passages and different climaxes. But also the realization of a dominant framework of combined pedal point and sustained note and the like. And not only from a purely technical point of view, but also from an aesthetic point of view.

Tonal emphasis demonstrated in an exemplary manner

In this example, the root («d«) is strengthened in the first quarter of bar 97. This is done with the instrumentation. This trombone, tuba and strings.

The tonic is stressed conditionally. and partly also the brass, slightly dampen the sound character.

For this reason, the following figuration appears all the brighter and more radiant. It is performed by the strings. Exemplary instrumentation for shaping the transition from dark to light.

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Music by Richard Wagner
Sound file for the score „The Flying Dutchman“ 
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PDF file for the score „The Flying Dutchman“ 
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Note on the score with an example of [tonal emphasis]

A graphic with an extract from the score follows. Excerpt from The Flying Dutchman. Composition by Richard Wagner. An example of sound emphasis. The graphic can also be enlarged. It is Link-Sensitive [Clickable].

Example of sound sharpening Example of sound disguise