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sound disguise - Harmonics

„Form building harmony and instrumentation“ [ 3/4 ]

The structuring and can be emphasized by To underline the function of harmonies and harmonic connections and thus to make them more audible. Therein lies their task.

As an example we take transitions, secondary ideas or development parts between 2 clearly demarcated parts with little clear harmonics. A “veiled” sounding chord connection would be paradigmatic here. This could be realized through the appropriate instrumentation of the relevant chord connection.

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General information about sound disguise

The ingenious thing about this technique of instrumentation lies in emphasizing and disguising tones at the same time. This technique makes it possible to seemingly ignore an expected chord and have another appear in its place.

sound disguise in the context of „symphonic world music“

The ability to sharpen the sound means to emphasize or to disguise. Using purely instrumental means, create dissonant fortisimo passages and catastrophic climaxes. But also the realization of a dominant frame from a combined pedal point and the like.

Sound disguise demonstrated in an exemplary manner

In this example, a final inflection goes to C major. But a fallacy follows. The third, the »c«, is emphasized in such a way that neither A minor nor C major can really assert themselves.

The resolution of the G major dominant is achieved in places. But is not so clearly involved that it results in The instrumentation fulfills its task by making the harmonic progression seem unclear (veiled).

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Music by Richard Wagner
Sound file for the score „Tristan und Isolde“ 
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PDF file for the score „Tristan und Isolde“ 
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Note on the score with an example of [sound disguise]

Two graphics follow, each with a score excerpt. Excerpts from "Tristan and Isolde". Composition by Richard Wagner. An example of sound masking. The graphics can also be enlarged. They are Link-Sensitive [Clickable].

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