Notation and sound generation of the Harp - Philipp Dangas

Notation and sound generation of the Harp

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Sheet music for the range of the harp

The 47 strings of the harp are tuned to C flat major (diatonic C flat major scale). In its original tuning, it covers the range from C flat1 to g flat4. The highest string (ges4) can be tuned 2 semitones higher by moving the pedal.

The total scale of the harp thus reaches up to g#4. The harp is tuned in the orchestra according to the concert pitch 1 with the entry of the C major pedals. The vibration of the harp is excited by plucking or plucking the strings with the tips of the first four fingers of both hands. The sound effect that is achieved depends on the point at which the string is struck. The full chromatic scale can only be achieved by retuning both strings while playing.

A striking example of the harp sound
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Overview of the tuning of the strings in the 3 stages of the pedal circuit
Stage designation left pedals right pedals
1st level C flat, D flat, B E flat, F flat, G flat, As
2nd level D, C, H E, F, G, A
3rd level D sharp, C sharp, His E sharp, F sharp, G sharp, A sharp