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shape structure - Form

„Mold and Instrumentation“ [ 2/2 ]

can play a decisive role in shaping the form. It can be used as part of a composition. Regardless of the relationship in which they stand to each other.

A principle of order can An ordering principle like that of variation can clarify it. In this case 2 parts are similar to each other. another ordering principle such as B. the contrast can sharpen it. And in this case 2 parts are different.

Instrumentation, as a means of clearly developing the shape structure of a composition, should always be taken seriously.

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General information about the shape structure

A composition is divided into several form parts that are self-contained. Each molded part can have its own timbre typification. Through this, the structure of the molded parts is underlined or created. It can have a special influence on the clear development of the form.

The shape structure within the framework of „symphonic world music“

The structuring of the moldings represents the possibility of being able to better perceive the shape of the composition. Here one must not confuse between and the external alternation of the form.

The shape structure demonstrated as an example

The following example can be described as exemplary in terms of the breakdown of molded parts. This is done through the instrumentation. Of course, other shape-forming forces are also at work here to structure the molded parts.

But what interests us in this example is the clear structure of the molded parts through the instrumentation. It is the prelude to Act 3 bars 11-18 "The Mastersinger of Nuremberg" by This is realized by juxtaposing instruments from different groups.

One of the most important means of structuring that is available in terms of sound. The abrupt change from (1st section) to the winds (2nd section) contributes to this clarification of the formal structure.

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Music by Richard Wagner
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„The Mastersingers of Nuremberg“ 
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„The Mastersingers of Nuremberg“ 
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Note on the score with an example of [ shape structure ]

Two graphics follow, each with a score excerpt. Excerpts from "The Mastersingers of Nuremberg". Composition by Richard Wagner. An example of the shape structure. The graphics can also be enlarged. They are Link-Sensitive [Clickable].

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