Woodwind orchestra - Clarinet 2/2 - Philipp Dangas

Woodwind orchestra - Clarinet 2/2 [Sound combinations]

Klarinette und Oktav-Kombinationen

The octave combinations with the other woodwind instruments come into consideration. When combined with the flute, the clarinet usually takes over the lower voice.

The octave relationship of the clarinet and the oboe is quite complex. One should keep in mind that the low register of the oboe sounds coarse and thick and is not capable of a real piano. While the clarinet can realize all dynamic levels over its entire scale.

In a double octave combination with the bassoon, it is advisable to transfer the lower part to the clarinet. Since it is related in sound to both the bassoon and the oboe in this register. This achieves the greatest possible homogeneity.

The octave combination of the clarinet with the string instruments deserves special mention. It is most effective when the clarinet is played in its sonorous register in the upper part.

General information about chord combinations with the clarinet

With regard to the placement of the clarinet within the chord structure of a woodwind section, the first decisive factor is whether the bassoons are involved. In such a case, the clarinet mostly has the function of the tonal connection between the bassoon and the oboe. The chord position within the tone scale is also important. The practicality of the tones is of the utmost importance.

The positioning of the clarinet in the upper voice is always recommended when the upper voices of the harmony are high and require the powerful sound of the clarinets.

In general, the relationship between the clarinet and the orchestral instruments, within chord combinations, is to be judged on the register properties. Accordingly, most of the diverse sound combinations that exist in the relationship between the clarinet and the oboe are separated.

Example of the chord combinations

[ Clarinet - Flute - Oboe - Cor anglais - Trumpet - Horn ]

The following example takes the acoustic properties of wind instruments into account with great care and expertise.

Downloads for the [Chord combinations: Clarinet - Flute - Oboe - Cor anglais - Trumpet - Horn ]

Music by Dmitri Schostakowitsch
Sound file for the score
“8th Symphony 2nd movement” 
Download-size: 139 Kilobytes
PDF file for the score
 „8th symphony 2nd movement“ 
Download–size: 42.4 Kilobytes

Note on the score with an example on the [chord combinations]

A graphic with an extract from the score follows. Excerpt from “8th Symphony, 2nd Movement”. Composition by Dmitri Shostakovich. An example of the [chord combinations] of the clarinet with the oboe, the flute, the trumpet, the English horn and the horn in F. The graphic can also be enlarged. It is Link-Sensitive [Clickable].

1/2.Example of the unison combinations with the clarinet